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September 29,  2015

Building Blocks Part Two!


1)Have your hands in as many pots as possible. Why? I like to use a garden analogy: plant many seeds so at least one will grow. Things in this business NEVER go as planned. The more you do and are involved with, the more likely one of those seeds will grow. One of those projects will plant the seed for another more lucrative project in the future.


2)     Never say no to opportunities. Enough people will do that for you! Of course, with that I say stay true to your 'moral' code. Enough said.


3)Auditions are crazy and very unrealistic as to what we are actually hired to do. Just look at them as "snippets" of our best work/talents on display. Thus, instead of letting them get to your nerves, try to look at them as your time to shine, perform, and do what makes you different then...










Blogger: Kimberly Faye Greenberg

Executive Producer/Creator of Broadway Blogspot





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A Podcast Dedicated to the Men and Women of the Ensemble! 


This week Brad Anderson!




BB: Where did you got to college for theatre and/learn the trade in order to move to NYC to pursue theatre as a career?  


BR: Did not attend college….started dancing professionally at 16.


I trained in a dance company in Fargo North Dakota by a Broadway Gypsy and his Ballet Dancer wife who moved to Fargo Moorhead to get out of the rat race and raise their kids. And, with no dance in the area they were soon began teaching and eventually had a dance company that traveled the world!


I had danced for over 11 years in this company then reached out to a musical theatre summer stock to see how I did and saw my training wasn’t half bad….. and it encouraged me to go to LA and NYC…..







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Bob Richard

BB: Tell us about your Broadway experience…


MB: I started my career in the Broadway show ANNIE. I read about the audition in the paper and went to an open call with 700 girls. After four callbacks it came down to three girls to play Annie. Allison Smith, who had Broadway experience landed the role and I got the role of July and eventually got to understudy the title role. I think the entire auditioning experience forever changed me for the better. I learned how to take direction, learn a dance routine in ten minutes, sing on a Broadway stage and how to deal with rejection. The Broadway run was a dream come true for any girl my age. I was living the dream of being on Broadway in a hit. I savored every moment and made life long friends. 




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