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June 28, 2015


5 THINGS A DAY FOLKS! I challenge you to do 5 actions a day that pertain to your CAREER as a performing artist. Hopefully those actions will be specific to your goals versus generalized actions, but we will get into more specific goals later. Meanwhile 5 actions a day will suffice to get you started.


Now your screaming at this page. How in the world is doing only 5 things a day going to get me anywhere...



Blogger: Kimberly Faye Greenberg

Executive Producer/Creator of Broadway Blogspot




BB: Tell us a little bit about how you got into performing.


LR: I grew up around it, with my mom in Musical Theater, my dad in Film Production and all of my babysitters were singers, dancers, gymnasts and artists.


BB: Tell us how you got cast in your first Broadway show.


LR: My mom's friend Tess told my mom that Lincoln Center was going to produce "South Pacific", on the last day of Third Grade, when I was 8. She said that we should see if they...

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Laurissa "Lala" Romain


BB: Did you always want to be a playwright? What made you decide to become one?


NG: I came to the theatre relatively late.  In high school, I took a creative drama class on a whim, and re-discovered a love for stories and acting.  I applied to some acting programs for undergrad, and they all rightly rejected me.  In the rigorous and hands-on BA Drama program at Ithaca College, I realized I was always telling stories in my head.  After the performance of the first full-length play I ever wrote, a stranger in the audience came up to me, crying, and said "How did you know?" ...



Nick Gandiello-Playwright, Screenwriter, Teaching Artist

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