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July 27, 2015



You need to ask yourself what is it that you desire, want to accomplish or do as a performing artist. It could be a job (a role on Broadway), it could be a creative endeavor (creating a solo show, recording a CD of favorite songs), it could even be a collaboration of some sort (produce a show and cast my friends) etc. We call these things goals.


Now, think of three goals and write them down. Lets say you choose one that seems tangible now, one that seems like it potentially could happen in the next few years and one of which dreams are made.


Now look at these goals. How specific are you? Not sure?...


Well, take note….SPECIFICITY IS KEY!




Blogger: Kimberly Faye Greenberg

Executive Producer/Creator of Broadway Blogspot





BB: Where did you got to college for theatre and/learn the trade in order to move to NYC to pursue theatre as a career?


Brad: I went to college in LA at the University of Southern California.  My major was theatre, but my emphasis was on acting.  I am a musical theatre guy 100%, but my dancing and singing was all ready at a great skill level because I went to an amazing Junior high and High school called the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts. ( Honestly I got more out of my High School than I did in that expensive college) .


When I applied to college I wanted to focus on my weaknesses, so acting and Shakespeare became my focus.  There is nothing worse than seeing a Broadway musical that the character can’t handle a book scene. I also spent every summer of my youth and college years doing summer stock at a place called Starlight/SDCLO also in San Diego.



Brad Bradley



Nick Gandiello-

Playwright, Screenwriter, Teaching Artist

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BB: Did you always want to be a playwright? What made you decide to become one?


NG: I came to the theatre relatively late.  In high school, I took a creative drama class on a whim, and re-discovered a love for stories and acting.  I applied to some acting programs for undergrad, and they all rightly rejected me.  In the rigorous and hands-on BA Drama program at Ithaca College, I realized I was always telling stories in my head.  After the performance of the first full-length play I ever wrote, a stranger in the audience came up to me, crying, and said "How did you know?" ...

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