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August 13, 2015



Today I bring you some Building Blocks of Success for the Theatre Scene. You can use these whether you’re based in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, London, Ireland, Australia….anywhere in the world.


1)The agent/manager dilemmas?


First, I'm more of a believer of an agent or manager coming to you at the right time; whether it be through a friend, them seeing you in a show, or a referral, etc. Trust me, I did my share of mailings and went through those first four agents early on in my NY career pretty quickly because I was just an easy addition to their lot. I wasn’t what they truly needed. An agent needing your type or someone like you ...



Blogger: Kimberly Faye Greenberg

Executive Producer/Creator of Broadway Blogspot




Sarah Glancy

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A Podcast Dedicated to the Men and Women of the Ensemble! 


This week Neil Haskell!



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BB: How was the transition from going from college to pursuing a NY career?


JF: I was fortunate to have received my Equity Card the summer I graduated from college before moving to NY a few months later.  I had also worked in a few reputable Regional Theaters in California and in Summer Stock and had made some applicable connections with working actors and Directors/Choreographers in NY, which was a nice transition into the NY theatre scene.  I landed in NYC with 2 over-stuffed suitcases and hit the ground running.  I auditioned, auditioned, auditioned.   I learned and grew through pure trial and error.  I made so many audition mistakes, of course, and tried to learn from each of them.   I happened to fall in love with NYC instantly, as well, and truly could not get enough of all things Manhattan and Broadway.  I tried to take advantage of any free NY/theatre offering and saturated myself in this world as fully as I could.  





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Jenifer Foote

Mystery of Edwin Drood

on Broadway

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Should I Add This Song To My Book?

The Answer in 2 Easy Steps


How do I know if I should  add this song to my book?


As a rep coach, I get asked this question ALL the time. We all have those songs. The ones we flirt with forever, but ultimately keep in the back of our book or in the front pocket of our binder. Why the fear of commitment, people?! Put a ring on it, already! (Or, at the very least, a sheet protector.) I think people over-complicate this issue.  They ask themselves the wrong questions. They obsess over whether a song is “overdone,” or “range-y enough”, or “type appropriate.”


And why are these questions particularly maddening?


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