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Broadway’s Backbone is a podcast dedicated to the men and woman of the ensemble: the chorus of dancers, singers, and actors that are the foundation of every Broadway musical. These often-unsung gypsies are the hardest working people on the boards and are Broadways backbone. Each episode interviews a Broadway vet about their life, career and dreams, but also delves into the real topics that aren’t always shared. The life of a gypsy maybe full of passion, but not always filled with glamour. Each guest shares intimate details about their journey. There is no mud slinging, but a little dirt. It’s hosted by Brad Bradley, a Broadway Performer himself, he has worked with most of the guests, so he knows what questions to ask. It’s a real look into the life that so many kids dream of. This podcast is in honor of the folks of the ensemble and the people who plan to be them.

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Episode 1: Stacey Todd Holt

Artwork: Guy Smith


Episode 2: Patrick Wetzel


Episode 3: Lisa Gajda

Lisa Gajda

Episode 4: Neil Haskell


Episode 5: Brad Anderson

Brad-20Anderson Julie_Barnes

Episode 6: Julie Barnes

Episode 5-Part 1

Episode 5-Part 2

Episode 7: Aaron Kaburick


Episode 8: Charlie Sutton


Episode 9: Dennis Stowe

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Episode 10: Peter Gregus