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By Kimberly Faye Greenberg, Nov 16 2015 03:37AM

The Art of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and in honor of the holiday I thought how appropriate to speak of gratitude in terms of being a proactive performer.

In maintaining a healthy mindset to approaching what can be mind-numbing, tiring and a roller coaster of emotions from all-out-disappointing and depressing to relishing exciting challenges, victories and career milestones, we must be grateful.

Grateful first for the ability to pursue our passions and this crazy career.

Remember, no matter what happens, we chose this! We chose that to live our dreams we must attend early-morning audition cattle calls and bear rejection. All for that one fleeting moment in the spotlight. You can't be angry or upset about that with which we choose! Be grateful for it or get out of it and make another choice.

Grateful to all the people who help you along the way.

They may include friends, family, fans, teachers, coaches, those who seek your advice and those who hire you. Be grateful for them and tell them as they will stay with you on this journey. They will cheer at your highs and hug you when you are low. This business is dangerous in its ability to alienate people: those who are achieving success and then jealousy ensues or those on the road to success become so busy with work sometimes everyday life/people get put on hold. Be grateful with the people who are beside you and you can never go wrong and will never be at this crazy business alone.

Be grateful for all your success big and small!

Document it. Keep it in a scrapbook. Tell people. You need be able to go back to it and remember. Whether it be conquering a fear, hitting the high note, getting an agent, making a debut, seeing your name on Broadwayworld or doing an interview. Whatever it may be, keep track of it. Sometimes we get so lost in the climb that we forget how far we have already come. Those building blocks are so important to keep you both on track and in a positive light. Again, we chose this. Celebrate you and your successes instead of dwelling on the minor losses or setbacks. No one is taking you out to a firing range when these silly things happen. Learn from mistakes and then keep moving forward and only look backward on your gratitude to rejuvenate and inspire you.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Kimberly Faye Greenberg, grateful daughter, sister, friend and actress

Photo Credit: Samantha Mercado Tudda

By Kimberly Faye Greenberg, May 22 2015 04:25PM

I will admit that I have always been proactive, but, I will also freely admit that I am a work-a-holic, and, learned early on in school and with some very honest teachers/coaches that this career is about:

1) Acceptance of who you are;

2) Being in it for the long haul no matter what might be thrown my way;

3) Not being afraid to say "yes" (well, without sarificing your morals);

4) Finding your people;

4) Building your "blocks" and "box";

5) Keeping positive; and,

6) Knowing that the mentality of being humble but being in it to win it is everything!.

Now because of my type

ie. looking young, sounding older and playing character roles or leading women with a character edge

I was taught and told by many teachers/coaches whom I respected that it would take me 10 or more years before "big" things..whatever that means...started to happen to me in the New York performing world. So that meant this early 20 year old had until I was at least 30 years old to wait. Insert moans and groans from my twenty year old self. ha ha ha.

Anyhow, my journey began in NYC a few years after college, having had been lucky to get regional touring work right out of school. Boy, I was ready to be in the thick of it regardless of my teachers 10 year waiting plan in order to try to achieve my defintion of success:


Hence the proactive actor in me began. I moved to NYC with that quintessential story of a few hundred bucks in my pocket, a suitcase and an apartment I took sight unseen from an alumni of my school. I was determined that come hell or high water things would happen, but, in already being honest about myself with success probably not coming for me overnight and the bright lights of Broadway probably having to wait, I would need to be smart and use those 10 years to develop relationships, hone my craft and try to find opporunties to use my talents where people of importance could get to know me so that when my 30th birthday came along I had built the blocks that could allow "big" things to happen.

And, lets be honest..I didn't truly expect the phone to ring on my 30th birthday either without me having put in 10 years of legwork to make it so... And to put it plainly I was willing to put in 10 years of building blocks to my success becuase what is 10 years when I could then have a lifetime doing what I love.

So via experiment, business forethought, being on my game, very very honest teachers/coaches and the courage to say "yes" in some very scary scituations, things have come together. I am now, *whelp* 3*** (something)... and I would say i haven't done so bad for myself. I have found what I had defined at the beginning stages of my early 20's of success. ie. I make my living, for the most part, as an actor (and even backstage as well!). I get paid consistenetly to do what I love to do. And, you know what?! Funny enough, my teachers were did take 10 years for my building blocks to come together and the "bigger" things that have helped to really define me as a performer in the New York market.

Now, I admit with my hard earned 10 years in the making of success..(nope no overnight sensation for me that is for sure) and my 40's approaching more quickly then I would like to admit, that my defintion of success and what I want is changing. My career is growing/morphing and my proactive actions are shifting, but, the proactive ideas to acheive my new goals remain the same.

Hence comes this blog. I have had many reach out to me to find out what it is that keeps my career moving forward, what it is that makes the performing opportutunies continue to come in to my life and what has contributed to my individual decisions on many business levels that makes me different from the 1000's of actors out there that tends to single me out for available opportunites and continues to keep my phone ringing and my email inbox full.

So here is where i share them with you.

THE ACTOR'S PLAYBOOK: The Busines Of Acting And Being A Pro-Active Actor! Here is to your success!

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